Volcano Seismic Forecast

Modeling and simulation of geo-thermo-electricity to probe the volcano-seismic prediction.



Model of the earth was constructed and magma chamber was created in outer core-mantel region. In the centre a spherical magnet is put. Sealing sticks in a deep stele cup was put fully and was layered by clay soil paste for making magma chamber, then, it is rounded up electric heater coils dipped into clay soil layering, and terminals were connected to the power plug. A junction of thermocouple wires of Copper and Nickel Coated Iron was put at distance of about 1.0cm of magma chamber. Globe is fully filled making mantel with lithosphere and upper most hydrosphere. And model was made fully dry. Another junction of thermocouple wires was dipped fully in ice bath. Volcano was created by heating magma chamber and produced geo thermo electric current was measured with Micro ammeter. Thermoelectric current of earth is increasing with the time and then remain stable . The ratio and proportion and scope of the study has been discussed.

Key Words:

Volcano prediction, Geo thermo electricity, Earth’s modeling, Measurement and simulation, Volcano logy.


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