Sidh Baba Hill Height Measure

Measurement of Height and Satellite Imaging of ‘Siddh Baba Hill’ at Manendragarh, Dist. Korea, C. G. India


An exploration was conducted for measurement of height of Siddh Baba Hill (SBH). It is 130 Km away from the Dept. of Botany, Ambikapur, in west direction, on national road high way N o NH -78 at the divergent of state highway SH- 8. The geological position of Siddh Baba Hill’ is 23 0 20’39.27’’ N latitude, 82 0 19’50.26’’ E longitude beside Manendragarh city, at south side at 0.5 Km distance from railway station, Geomorphology of Siddh Baba Hill is studied and the height of SBH is measured with manual meter scale, trigonometry, altitude readings and index contour lines of terrain feature in its satellite map.


At the top of hill there is a temple of Lord Shiva surrounded by rocks. A large rock shown in fig.4 is observation point ‘O’. The manual measurement is done using rope and weight system At the tip of rope a 500 gm weight (plum) is fixed, then from top is put down to weight full end into the bottom , at 900 steep of the hill . The depth of vertical steep from vertex is assumed as height, and later, the length of rope is measured with meter tape. The hypotenuse of hill is estimated by walking feet number count into average walking feet distance. Also Pythagoras theorem is applied for trigonometric calculation in the height measurement of SBH. An altimeter and GPS data is downloaded along with mobile data (17, 18) in Samsung (DUDS) and altitude readings and contour readings from satellite imaginary mapping has been applied (19)

Construction of temporary slope meter (clinometers)

Clinometers is constructed by following simple methodology (20) , using a triangle shaped meter scale (from middle school compass box ), fine strong tread, seizer and fixative (feviquick) .Authors here used a steel needle pointer instead of plum. Fig5 represents constructed clinometers to measure the steep angle of a side wall of road (NH-78).to MP state from Surguja, Chhattisgarh state in India.

Construction of temporary Sextant

A round angle-meter (circular gonometer) is fixed at centre, with a long steel needle’s pointer to be pendulum, then it is fixed with telescope in such a way that at horizontal position of telescope pointer would pass vertically at 00 of the Sextant (21) .A telescope (model-Comet, 7x50 LER 1000 YD 119 A1) is used to make a sextant apparatus to find the angle at top of the hill, and from the top to bottom. Fig 6 represents a temporary sextant and fig.7 represents observation from top of SBH to the railway bridge.

Co-author observed railway line and Manendragarh city from top of SBH, is represented by fig 8. Manual height measurement is done by dipping method using weight attached to the rope. The temple at the top of SBH is shown in fig 9. Fig 11 represents the bottom of SBH and SBR below the railway line passing through SBH cutting at knee position is depicted in fig 10. The South eastern railway line passes beside SBH at east side slope, to Chirimiri Colliery by cutting the slope of SBH .There is a bridge on 11.52 m. deep rivulet “Siddh Baba Rivulet’ (SBR) is present. Its origin is below north-west foot of SBH. It rotates in foot of SBH from north flowing to eastward below Railway Bridge. It is ever flowing rivulet of 03 km length; it confluent with Hasia rivulet and then, it is contributory to Hasdo River.

Result and Discussion

Table 1 represents measurement of height of Siddh Baba Hill from various points of observation and various methods applied . An average value of the measured heights by various methods might be considered as an actual height.

Google map in internet provided by satellite system shows that in map, One may found Siddh Baba Hill through steps. Firstly searched India, then Jabalpur and just right of Jabalpur, Manendragarh is found. Although, smaller places like Ram - Nagar and Dola are appeared in map before Manendragarh. Siddh Baba Hill is located at the meeting place of NH 78, SH 8, and Indian Railway (Chirimiri-Anuppur) Line. It is surrounded by North Jhagrakhand, West Jhagrakhand and Manendragarh. GPS field area measurement contour lines reading is 500m at surface line and 600m at just outer circle of smallest contour circle at peak of Siddh Baba Hill. The bottom of Siddh Baba Hill is the bottom of Siddh Baba Rivulet is 400m. Thus the height of SBH might be estimated 250m in satellite index contour feature. and an average height is considered actual height i.e.237.2m.

There is a variations in manual measurement , Trignometric calculation , altimeter reading and index contour values. This might be due to difference between air distance and ground measurement . Since distance of hypotenuese is estimated by walking foot count and rough path having stones and irregular curves may make differences in distance. Surprisingly, a contour index value is marked 600m at just outer contour line of smallest contour circle at peak. Thus , at the peak , smallest contour should be more than 600m But altimeters reading shows 586.3m. A simple cause might be that an altitude in index contour feature, is taken from very far distace , from satellite and in altimeter , altitude is an elevation from sea level, satuated in much distance , Map - hill is the most comprehensive map gallery on the web. Map Mart offers a variety of high, medium and low resolution satellite imagery data sets for nearly every location on the earth. Our unique interface allows to submit area of interest and get a comparison of all imagery including, geographical data (24). Baoridand hillock is very near (06 Km) to SBH, in north direction. Below this hillock there is a smallest railway junction of South Eastern Railway in terms of number. of travelers, wages and comfort.

There is further scope of this study for ecology of hills forests, e. g. Siddh Baba Hill surrounding forest in JKD area, (in both CG and MP, being border),. There is a rich biodiversity, including agricultural, domestic, fresh running and stagnant aquatics, lichens and forest lives with a good ecological association. It is habitat of Urses urses, (black Indian bear), struggling with human society A conflict occasionally has been observed with human ditto as an elephant problem in Surguja Dist. and snake problem in Jashpur Dist. in CG India.(23). In Earth Science, there is a scope to study supplementary contour lines and stages of origin and erosion of SBH.


The height of SBH is measured 237.2 meter from the bottom of SBR rivulet of its origin and its height from Railway line level is 225.52m. It is very nearer to contour reading of satellite map. and an altimeter reading i.e. altitude, an elevation from sea level . The Satellite imaginary and GPS Data like advance technology make interesting and easy to study mountains.


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