Family Profile

Grand Mom : Smt. Fekan Bai

from Village Rak Post Gneshpur Revenue Baradwar Bilaspur, CG. she was devotee of Mahakali and She was loader WCL South Jhagara Khand Colliery , the GM head quarter also called "Ledary". Later , after being widow, she was supervisor of bathing building (Jharjhara) of colliery at "yeeta dafayee" (bricks ward). Colliery is now closed but buildings yet remain ditto before beautiful banyan tree at civil lines Ledary colliery.

Grand Father : Mr Sonu Mahar

Mr Sonu Mahar was head peon of GM office WCL South Jhagara Khand Colliery ,He died earlier, and was unseen by Dr. H D Mahar.

Father: Mr. Ram Prasad Mahar

Mr. Ram Prasad Mahar had education up to high school. He was underground loader in WCL West Jhagara Khand Colliery , Khongapani Reveenue : Manendragarh Distt koriya (old Surgurga west) C. India.

Boyhood: As baby, Hiran Das Mahar(H.D. Mahar)

As baby, Hiran Das Mahar played with Panchwati, Chandan, Mira , Dadu, Chittu, Lallu, etc and read with Sant kumar, Denis Soren, Alok Kumar, Ahmad Ali Hori Lal etc . and did guffah with long haired saiwa sadhu, also working of kotwal of Ledary. He spent his babyhood in playing and bathing in Hasdo river flowing beside the Colliery .

Education : Primary education in South Jhagara Khand Colliery
High School in South Jhagara Khand Colliery secondry school
Higher Secondary in Govt. Boys Higher Secondary school Manendragarh Korea CG
Higher Education : Govt. RG PG College Ambikapur, from B.Sc. to Ph. D .

Grand mom was retired, father was died, and mom unemployed, therefore i had seen very tough time to study B. Sc. & M.Sc. But Juvenile Hiran Das arranged some tuitions of high school boys and managed expenses . Dr. A. R. Lodh. Dr V. S. Shrivastava in the College and Br. Zacc Sommerse S.J. in Loyola PG Hostel helped for study and mess.


There was an arranged cum love marriage with Smt Ram Bai Mahar. She is a house wife. Her father Mr. Chetan Das Chandra was very intelligent Sarpanch and Poet . She is single daughter with five brothers. She is from Majhouli , Kotama Anuppur shahdola M.P.


Son : Master Durgesh Mahar (JRF , NET ) Date Of Birth: 13-08-1991

Daughter : Divya Mahar

Currently, working as an Asstt. Professor of Botany along with Dr Rijwan Ullah , teaching B Sc M.Sc. M. Phil. and Ph.D. Students.

Dr. A.M. Agrawal and Guru Mata