Concept of time particle , life particle and metaphysical biodiversity in astrobiology.

Dr H D Mahar
RG Govt PG College Ambikapur, Surguuja CG


The discovery of the Law of Time (1989-1996) establishes the basis of science for the next millennium. The Dynamics of Time, consisting of 260 postulates, is the complete logical and mathematical exposition of the discovery of the Law of Time. Like Bacon’s Novum Organum and Descartes’ Meditations, which laid the foundations for the physical space science of the last 400 years, the Dynamics of Time lays the foundations for a genuine and enduring science of fourth-dimensional time.two graphics :1. Double Terminated Crystal Transport Vehicle for Sensory Teleportation and 2. Time Travel Demonstration of the Power of 19 Galactic Brain: The Dynamics of Time Showing the Evolution of Time as Consciousness – T(E) = Art. This deals with the time particle.

Knowledge of God is inherent in every last detail of design of the least component parts of the atomic cellular world to the hyperorganic radiosonic super conscious phase of existence. This doctorin deals with higgs boson god partical. Combination of electron proton and neutron making an elements is a simulation that Life partical os a combination of ATP (electron T.S ) Adenosin Tri Phosphate, DNA (Proton ) Deoxy ribose Neuclic Acid (H+) and ANDP +_Neutral nutron. excersize yoga art sirtainly to increase life particles energy.. what is in inter net but universal for a bacteria to blue whale.。applicable to plants. : Cyano nymphia transe coal ball.

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Astrobiology certificate