About Me

Dr. H.D. Mahar
Dr. H D mahar is my botany professor. His contributions are..
  1. teaching biology botany dept guiding research projects for B Sc M. Sc. M. Phil ph.d students since more than 30 years. His 20 papers published, 30 paper presented in international / national conferences, 12 paper radio.broadcated, 3 models published.
  2. a pioneer research on plant bioelectricity and taxonomic (table) key.he published its Books - research snake problem of 'tapkra' snake land in CG india.its int. paper in amse journal france.( published)and snake bite case is tried to reduce by making awareness.
  3. volcano and seismic prediction using geo Thermo electric property of earthquake and Volcano​ Hazzard.
  4. three papers in mathematics :ten law of time and reverse relation with 10 axioms of mathematic has been made.
  5. fifteen Papers has been published. and fifty presented in national and international conference. it is also publishes as a book chapter. by Springer publication.
  6. A poetry book( amdg ) sonnet song is published by international publisher Notion Press Chennai, India
  7. five papers of linguistic science. Two of Sanskrit. Three of hindi. Three of english.

He is currently studying Mathematics of Law of Time & their math axioms.

He is musician he plays tabla,harmonium, casio and sitar